Global No.1 Innovator EGTRONICS


Plug-in forced cooling type 1U rectifier module 2kW capacity, unique with 96% of max efficiency, having 98% of PFC efficiency and 98% of DC-DC power conversion efficiency
Uses the smart controller to have as many as four in parallel and use load regulation to control the power
  • Uses TRC Smart Controller for parallel operation (up to 8)
  • Removable while operating
  • Uses standard 1U size to allow the replacement of the existing system's power section
  • Maximum efficiency: 96% or higher
  • Uses the LLC topology to minimize the switching loss and provide excellent EMC effect
  • Uses the Ethernet port for controlling and monitoring

Contents Unit Value
Power specifications Rated input voltage V 220V 60Hz single phase
Input voltage range 180 – 264 single phase
Rated output voltage 54
Rated output current A 40
Capacity Nominal power capacity kW 2
Ripple voltage   50mV or less
Environmental conditions Operating temperature range -30 - 50
Storage temperature range -30 - 75
Protection function overpower voltage    
overpower current    
AC input low/high voltage