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CNG Engine-based Generation System

In general, the engine generation system mainly uses a gasoline or diesel engine, however, our R&D center and consortium have developed a CNG-based engine generation system. CNG is a very clean fossil fuel and generates fewer pollutants. It can be supplied using the same infrastructure as city gas and provides easy scalability as shale gas.

If the CNG-based engine generation system is applied to buses, mileage can be improved and the limits of per-charge mileage can be overcome. The system can be utilized for tour buses as well as city buses.
If the static inverter that generates AC power is installed as an add-on, commercial power can be generated and play a role as a generation vehicle.
If the battery is installed at the output section of the generator control unit (GCU), it can play a role as a UPS (uninterruptible power supply).
If it is installed in a container, instead of being mounted on a vehicle, it can be used as an emergency generator, or if it is installed in a place where no power is supplied, such as in a mountainous region or on a deserted island, it can form a large generation tower.
Power section
  • IPM type continuous 60kW generator at the maximum efficiency of 96%,
  • DC generation: continuous 60kW/max 100kW
  • AC generation (optional): single-phase 10kVA, 20kVA, 3-phase 20kVA, 50kVA
Driving section
  • M4R CNG revamped engine
  • Engine system energy conversion efficiency: 3.8kWh/N㎥

< Mileage extended electric buses that use the CNG engine generation system > (Original copy: refer to the figures in PPT)

< Power supply unit with emergency generation and UPS > (Original copy: refer to the figures in PPT)

< Container type emergency generation set > (Original copy: refer to the figures in PPT)